Full Program


• 14:00
14:00-14:15Sala Grand Morse Main Podium

Matthias Schupp (PR)

• 14:10
14:10-15:00Sala Jardim Botânico

Speaker: Cicero Dinato (RS)
14:10-15:00Sala Barigui

Speaker: Inaki Mayo (Espanha)
14:10-15:00Sala Museu do Olho

Speaker: Egmont Azevedo Das Chagas (SP)
14:10-15:00Sala Bosque do Papa

Speaker: Gilberto Ramos (PE)

• 14:20
14:20-15:20Sala Grand Morse Main Podium

Speaker: Geninho Thomé (PR)

• 15:10
15:10-16:00Sala Jardim Botânico

Speaker: Carlos Eduardo Francischone (SP)
15:10-16:00Sala Barigui

Speaker: Oswaldo Villa (México)
15:10-16:00Sala Santa Felicidade

Speaker: Lécio Pitombeira Pinto (CE)
15:10-16:00Sala Museu do Olho

Speaker: Rogéria Acedo Vieira (PR)
15:10-16:00Sala Bosque do Papa

Speaker: Valmir Lavinick (PR)

• 15:30
15:30-16:20Sala Grand Morse Main Podium

Speaker: Christian Coachman (Estados Unidos)

• 16:10
16:10-17:00Sala Jardim Botânico

Speaker: Arantza Rodriguez (Espanha)
16:10-17:00Sala Santa Felicidade

Speaker: Vinicius Ferreira da Silva (SP)
16:10-17:00Sala Museu do Olho

Speaker: Marcelo Ferraro (CE)
16:10-17:00Sala Bosque do Papa

Speaker: Gustavo Palhares Katayama (MG)
16:10-17:00Sala Barigui

Speaker: Laerte Bremm (PR)

• 17:00
17:00-17:50Sala Grand Morse Main Podium

Speaker: Florin Cofar (Romênia)

• 17:10
17:10-18:00Sala Santa Felicidade

Speaker: Paulo Santos (PE)
17:10-18:00Sala Museu do Olho

Speaker: Danillo Henrique Guimarães (GO)
17:10-18:00Sala Bosque do Papa

Speaker: Lawrence Albuquerque (MG)

• 17:30
17:30-18:20Sala Jardim Botânico

Speaker: Paulius Petravicius (Lituânia)
17:30-18:20Sala Barigui

Speaker: Federico Meinke (Argentina)

• 18:30
18:30-19:20Sala Jardim Botânico

Speaker: Alex Martiniano (SP)



Expo Unimed Curitiba is a large structure located within the Positivo University, 15 minutes from the city center and 25 minutes from Afonso Pena International Airport (on the South ring-road). It is equipped to host events with multiple simultaneous activities in different spaces. The exhibition center and the multi-purpose rooms cover an area of 11,535m2, distributed over two floors. There are 15 independent entrances and over 2 thousand parking spaces, with full support services.

Rua Prof. Pedro Viriato Parigot de Souza, 5.300 Campo Comprido - Curitiba - PR


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