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Advanced periodontology apllied to oral implantology​

On this track, you will learn about advanced procedures in periodontology and special techniques applied to implantology.​


Alessandro Januário

Implants associated with cosmetic surgeries for gummy smile correction
DATE 19/may | 5:10 pm
MODERATOR: Leandro Nunes

Julia Wittneben

Effective soft tissue management around dental implants- from a prosthodontic perspective 
DATE 19/may | 8:30 am
MODERATOR: Alessandro Januário

Ricardo Kern and Maristela Lobo

Tissue regeneration associated with immediate loading
DATE 19/may | 9:15 am
MODERATOR: Alessandro Januário


Rafael Metropolo

Tissue management optimizing the peri-implant architecture
DATE 19/may | 4:30 pm
MODERATOR: Leandro Nunes


Ricardo Ciantelli

Periodontal regeneration: more aesthetic predictability in your clinical cases
DATE 19/may | 1:30 pm
MODERATOR: Tatiana Deliberador

Cesar Rodriguez Sitú

Bone biomaterial substitutes: how to choose the ideal in rehabilitation with implants
DATE 19/may | 12:30 pm
MODERATOR: Tatiana Deliberador