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Ceramic implants: a new mindset

Discover a complete ceramic system, a new concept of implants that aims to respond to the growing demand for metal-free and even more aesthetic implants.​


Corey Raymond

Application of the Zi Implant: Review of Clinical Scenarios
DATE 20/may | 9:45 am
MODERATOR: Andrew Melenikiotis


Alessandro Perucchi and Cristian Scognamiglio

The Zi Implant A New Concept In Dentistry: “The Swiss Tradition Meets The Latin Charisma”
DATE 19/may | 2:30 pm
MODERATOR: Tatiana Deliberador

Alessandro Perucchi

Cristian Scognamiglio

Mathias and Markus Sperlich

Immediate Loading with ceramic implants: The performance of the Neodent ZI
DATE 19/may | 11:05 am
MODERATOR: Darceny Zanetta

Mathias Sperlich

Markus Sperlich


Olivier Chéron and Enric Pintado

The use of digital workflow in rehabilitations with ceramic implants.
DATE 20/may | 10:00 am
MODERATOR: Elisa Sartori

Adam Hogan

“Zi-mmediacy” Achieving Consistently Predictable Beauty in Anterior Restorations
DATE 20/may | 09:00 am
MODERATOR: Elisa Sartori

Rubens Moreno

The applicability of zirconia implants in immediate and esthetic regions
DATE 20/may | 11:00 am
MODERATOR: Elisa Sartori