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The city is known across the globe for good reason. Talented urban planners, together with residents' determination to achieve quality of life, have led to a modern, organized and charming city. The urban solutions the city has created for its own people delight visitors: these include the transport system, environmental care, social welfare projects and attention to education. The huge parks and woods of the capital, the modern monuments and manifestations of the rich ethnic variety enchant tourists. Culture occupies a pivotal place in city life.

There is always a rich program on offer in a range of theaters, cinemas, exhibition rooms, ethnic portals, celebrations and museums. From street fairs to haute cuisine, Curitiba is a city to please every palate. Curitiba nightlife also has a lot to offer. From the Marco Zero milestone to the most distant neighborhood, poetry and concrete mix, generating an encounter between the present and the future.

Curitiba is the national benchmark in quality of life, urban innovation, culture and cuisine. The capital of Paraná blends the frantic pace of a metropolis with constant concern for the environment, preservation of historic heritage and improving citizenship.

Curitiba is a beautiful and stimulating city, known for the genuine and creative solutions it finds for resolving urban problems. Tradition and modernity complement each other in a place that started out in the 17th century as a gold mining camp, was on the muleteers route, and took in thousands of Polynesian, Italian, Japanese, Ukrainian, German and other immigrants from various backgrounds.

To get to know the soul of Curitiba, you need to visit its parks. There are 64.5 m2 of green spaces per inhabitant. They were designed with the three-fold purpose of preserving the native woodland, creating new leisure areas for the population and draining excess rainwater, putting an end to flooding.

Paulo Leminski Quarry

Open-air concert hall. With a thirty-thousand capacity, its name pays tribute to Paulo Leminski, a poet from Curitiba, and is also a reference to the fact that the place was once the Municipal Quarry, apart from formerly being used as an asphalt factory. It is still surrounded by a thirty-meter high rock wall.

Largo da Ordem

Open-air market held every Sunday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Here you can find jewelery, traditional food, paintings, sculptures, antiques, toys, clothing, second-hand books and records, old coins and stamps and a wide range of handicrafts. Local and visiting artists also give presentations at the market.

Botanic Garden

One of Curitiba's main attractions, showcasing beauty in perfect harmony with nature. Don't forget to check out the Sensations Garden and delight in the experience of awakening all your senses.

Ópera de Arame

Creativity is demonstrated through boldness in this setting, where the tubular structure delights those who see it, combining urban planning with beautiful natural landscapes.

Barigui Park

This is the beach for the citizens of Curitiba. Enjoy the busiest park in the city with its cycle paths, pedal boats, Exhibition Center, bars and the famous story of the alligator that inhabits its water.

Tanguá Park

A privileged view of an unforgettable sunset, not to mention the rest of its charms, including two lakes and an artificial tunnel, which can be visited by boat or on foot.

If you want to make the most of your trip, don't forget to visit the Metropolitan Region and the Coast of Paraná. Experience and enjoy the beautiful sights just a few kilometers from the capital of Paraná



Train trip

The unmissable trip leaves Curitiba daily and crosses the Serra do Mar towards the coastal region of Paraná. Try the barreado, a typical dish from the state, in the cities of Morretes, Antonina and Paranaguá.

Morretes, Antonina and Paranaguá

Historical cities with several places of interest and the best places to try the typical barreado of Paraná, the banana bullet and other regional specialties.

Ilha do Mel

Legends and fantastic stories shroud this island in mystery, with its paradisaical beaches, white sand and exuberant nature where time seems to stop.



Expo Unimed Curitiba is a large structure located within the Positivo University, 15 minutes from the city center and 25 minutes from Afonso Pena International Airport (on the South ring-road). It is equipped to host events with multiple simultaneous activities in different spaces. The exhibition center and the multi-purpose rooms cover an area of 11,535m2, distributed over two floors. There are 15 independent entrances and over 2 thousand parking spaces, with full support services.

Rua Prof. Pedro Viriato Parigot de Souza, 5.300 Campo Comprido - Curitiba - PR


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