The Congress

Matthias Schupp

CEO of Neodent & EVP Straumann Group LATAM

We are delighted to announce another edition of the Neodent Congress, whose theme this year is “Celebrate Evolution”. We will be celebrating the evolution of implant dentistry, technology, the market, aesthetics, patients and Neodent, which is celebrating 3 decades of creating new smiles every day.
Your participation in the Neodent Congress will give you access to all the Straumann Group solutions in Brazil: implants, transparent aligners, resins, biomaterials, intraoral scanners, and you’ll see why we’re the ideal partners for developing your business.
As leaders in our market segment, we know how important it is to put you, our partners, at the heart of everything we do. That’s why we want to take this opportunity to welcome you to our home, where you’ll visit our factory and celebrate 30 years of Neodent with us! Together, we’ll enhance our knowledge, share innovations and transformations, and explore what the future of our market will be.
We’re looking forward to welcoming you.

Matthias Schupp

CEO of Neodent &
EVP Straumann Group LATAM

Geninho Thomé

President of the 6th Neodent International Congress - Scientific President - President of the Neodent Directors Board

It is with great pleasure that we invite you to the 6th Neodent Congress!

This edition will be even more special as it coincides with the celebration of our 30th anniversary; and we intend to celebrate in great style! That’s why the central theme of the event will be “Celebrate evolution”. After all, throughout our 30-year history, our techniques, solutions and products have evolved, with the aim of improving our patients’ quality of life, in partnership with dental professionals dedicated to creating new smiles every day.

Neodent’s global reach means we’re able to host an event with high-level content. So enjoy the scientific content that’s been carefully selected by our scientific committees and organizer, who have endeavored to bring together professionals of the highest technical/scientific quality. Do come and take the opportunity to meet and exchange experiences with colleagues from around the world during this unforgettable celebration that will mark a historic moment for us all!

See you there!

Scientific Committee

Geninho Thomé

Congress President

Sergio Bernardes

Scientific Director

Carolina Castro

Internal Scientific Committee Director

Carlos Araujo

Scientific Committee

Cicero Dinato

Scientific Committee

Elcio Marcantonio

Scientific Committee

Elisa Sartori

Scientific Committee

Flavio Neves

Scientific Committee

Luis Eduardo Padovan

Scientific Committee

Tatiana Deliberador

Scientific Committee

Lucia Viacava

Organizing Committee Director

Ana Paula Cardinal

General Coordination

Beatriz Zanelatto

Press Office

Luana Borges

Brazil Communication Coordination

Manuela Lopes

Global Communication Coordination

Caroline Aranalde

Internal Scientific Committee

Daniela Floriani

Internal Scientific Committee

Fernanda Estrazulas

Internal Scientific Committee

Helpful Information

The Neodent Congress takes place in Curitiba, the city where Neodent was founded. The city collects prizes and excellent quality of life.

How about taking the opportunity to get to know a little more about the capital of Paraná, also known as “Smile City”?

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We are very proud to be the most used dental implant brand by dentists in Brazil, responsible for helping to restore more than 12 million smiles around the world.

We were born in 1993, with the mission of making implant dentistry more accessible to Brazilians, preserving a high level of quality from the perspective of the dentist and the patient.

Since then, more than 80 countries have started using Neodent solutions, which only reinforces our commitment to the pillars that support us:

  • Offer the most versatile solution;

  • Provide the most complete education;

  • To be the dentist’s closest partner.


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