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Digital dentistry in daily practice​

Keep up-to-date on the latest in the digital flow that allows you to carry out diagnosis, treatment plans, clinical procedures (surgical and prosthetic), with efficiency and comfort for patients.​


Maja Chmielewska

Predictability in immediate loading rehabilitations with digital workflow
DATE 19/may | 2:00 pm
MODERATOR: Mauro Gebran

Gustavo Mazzey

The benefits and challenges of Digital Workflow In Implantology
DATE 19/may | 1:10 pm
MODERATOR: Mauro Gebran


Alessandro Januário, Lucas Capeletti and Paulo Eduardo Pittas

Round Table: Digital surgical planning using coDiagnostix
DATE 19/may | 1:10 pm
MODERATOR: Paula Corvello

Cláudio Moretti, Thiago Dinato and Fernando Lopes

Round Table: Understanding the transition from conventional to digital flow with the Virtuo Vivo intraoral scanner
DATE 19/may | 11:20 am
MODERATOR: Bruno Matias


Mark Bishara

The prosthetic driven solution of an one hand guided surgery technique
DATE 19/may | 9:20 am
MODERATOR: Eloana Thomé

Cícero Dinato

Applications and practical advantages of digital flow in oral rehabilitation
DATE 19/may | 8:20 am
MODERATOR: Eloana Thomé