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Prosthetic principles leading to immediate loading success​

Stay on top of new technologies to improve clinical outcomes regarding to prosthetically guided implants.​


Misagh Habibi

Concepts for success and predictability in full arch immediate loading
DATE 19/may | 4:20 pm
MODERATOR: Mauro Gebran

Florin Coffar and Eric Van Dooren

Bottlenecks in Digital Dentistry
DATE 19/may | 3:30 pm
MODERATOR: Mauro Gebran

Federico Mandelli

How does digital dentistry improve prognosis in immediate esthetic cases
DATE 18/may | 6:30 pm
MODERATOR: Mauro Gebran


Leandro Nunes

How to achieve predictably with immediate loading: Surgical principles and protocols
DATE 19/may | 2:50 pm
MODERATOR: Alessandro Januário

Eduardo Ayub

Rehabilitation concepts for predictable immediate loading of oral implants
DATE 19/may | 3:20 pm
MODERATOR: Alessandro Januário


Ana Todorovic

One Abutment One Time Concept – A Tool for Evidence Based Practice.
DATE 19/may | 10:20 am
MODERATOR: Élcio Marcantonio

Marcelo Fontes

Guided surgery predictability with Narrow GM implants
DATE 19/may | 11:30 am
MODERATOR: Élcio Marcantonio